Charity abseil venues

Upcoming Charity Abseil Events:

    • 17th of March 2019 - KM Charity Events - Maidstone
      KM Charity Events


    • 29th of March 2019 - 4 Com - Bournemouth
      4 Com


  • 26th of April 2019 - Hastings College - Hastings
    Sussex Coast College


  • 28th of Sept 2019 - Snowflake - Nightshelter - Peacehaven
    Snowflake - Nightshelter

Organise a charity abseil from almost any type of building or structure.

Charity abseil venues range from iconic buildings, towers and bridges right though to viaducts, cliff faces and sports grounds.  All perfect for a charity adventure challenge!

A good starting point for finding a charity abseil venue is to consider using your own office building. If it is suitable this will save you both time and money and is ideal for those who are completing a charity abseil as a fundraising idea for work.

Some people also contact the local media e.g. newspapers or radio to make an appeal for a charity abseil venue.  Hiring a building can be pricey so it is worth making an appeal stating the nature of your cause and the high fundraising potential of a charity abseil event. You will find that many companies are keen to help fundraise for charity and may wish to be involved due to publicity and association with your cause.

Public buildings as a charity abseil location are definitely worth considering. Some great charity abseil venue ideas are schools, colleges, hospitals, fire stations and libraries. Using a public building as an abseil location can also be a good means to find eager participants wanting to take part in a sponsored event and fundraise for a great cause.

Making Contact with the Abseil Venue

When contacting an abseil venue ask for the building manager or person responsible for health and safety. Very often they will know if the building has ever been used for a charity abseil and can give you an idea of the buildings suitability for abseiling.

Visit the Charity Abseil Venue

Once you’ve made contact you should arrange a visit to the abseil venue to see if it suits your needs and your charity abseil event.

How to Identify a Good Charity Abseil Venue

On your visits to Charity Abseil locations look for roof tops with a flat roof or balcony.  Avoid an angled or sloping roof.  We will need something to attach an abseil ropes to.  If there is nothing available we may need to bring specialist abseil equipment or have scaffolding put in place to make your sponsored event possible.

Get Snapping!

It is really important that you take photos of your charity abseil site.  We use the photos to assess whether your charity abseil from that venue is possible.  Follow assessment of the photos we can give you an estimate for the charity abseil event.
We require photos of all the abseiling areas listed below.

Accessing the Roof

Are there any hazards or complications to access the roof such as ladders?

Roof (abseiling start point)

We will need a selection of photos of the intended abseil decent route and directly behind it so we can see the options for attaching our ropes.

Abseil Wall

What type of wall is it?  Please note that most types are suitable including glass.  It is also very helpful if we are provided with the height of the building.

Landing area

A clear space for your fundraising participants to land is needed.  Ideally the abseil landing space should be on private property and can be cordoned off from members of the public.  If this is not possible you will need to contact the local council to seek permission to cordon off a public pavement for the abseil event.

After you Have Taken the Photos

Once you have the photos of your charity abseil site all you have to do is send them to us via We can take a look and assess the suitability of the venue for a sponsored abseil event and will also provide you with an estimate.

Our Charity Abseil Site Visit

We will arrange a suitable time to complete a site visit to your charity abseil location and will discuss the abseil with you in detail.

We will complete a detailed charity abseil risk assessment, method statement, emergency action plan and final quote for your charity abseil.

If you have any questions about finding a charity abseil venue please contact us.