Upcoming Charity Abseil Events:

    • 17th of March 2019 - KM Charity Events - Maidstone
      KM Charity Events


    • 29th of March 2019 - 4 Com - Bournemouth
      4 Com


  • 26th of April 2019 - Hastings College - Hastings
    Sussex Coast College


  • 28th of Sept 2019 - Snowflake - Nightshelter - Peacehaven
    Snowflake - Nightshelter

We specialise in charity abseil events, which are an excellent and fun fundraising activity for all.

If you would like to raise money for your charity or organisation, look no further. Our sponsored events are the perfect adventure challenge for everyone.

The great thing about abseiling for charity is that unlike many other fundraising events, it can be undertaken by people of all ages and abilities meaning that nobody is left out and everybody gets to play their part in fundraising.

The team at Hatt Adventures are highly experienced, qualified and can provide advice, support and delivery of a charity abseil event.  Based in Brighton, we can run charity abseil events across the UK, including abseiling in London.

Please visit our charity abseil venues and abseil pricing page for more information.

If you are interested in a fundraising with a charity abseil please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Abseiling

Nowadays, abseiling has become an activity in its own right and is carried out by people all over the world.

Abseiling is a thrilling, exciting, fun and extremely rewarding adventure challenge and is a great way to test your nerves and face your fears.

Abseiling is perfect for those with a sense of adventure who fancy a challenge, with a guarantee that it will get your adrenaline flowing and your heart pumping!

Historically an abseil was used as a means to control a descent from somewhere using a rope e.g. when you return to the ground after rock climbing.

Abseiling has also played a huge part in rescue work - when you can abseil it greatly improves access in tricky situations.

Visit our Gallery to see some of our sponsored charity abseils in action!